Basic Phone Repairs and Techniques

Your iPhone, or any android phone can be a very useful device. It has been used not only for communications, but also for leisure. With all the available applications you can download games, e-books and any useful software that you need. Additionally, it can be also used for research and school purposes.

Yet, there can be times that your phone may malfunction and you may need troubleshooting guideline. The below are some of the common problems and ways to troubleshoot it.

Audio Problems. If you can’t hear the sound or voice on your phone, you should check the settings if not muted. You should also check if the hole in the speaker is not clogged. If the speaker hole is clogged with dust simply clean it off. If sound degradation, you should try cleaning the speaker. It is located at the middle button of the iPhone. Using alcohol with 90% solution and an old brush is the best thing to use when cleaning the phone’s speaker.

Scratches on the screen and cracked casing. Scratches and cracks are a result of dropping the phone or sitting on it. To avoid it, screen protector and casing will do. If your iPhone has many cracked or scratched a housing replacement can be the solution.

Overheating. Phone temperature should not be exposed to 100 degrees and lower than 40 degrees Fahrenheit. When the phone is overheating, it causes damaged to the phone. Among the causes overheating is playing games, running applications, and using the phone while it is charging.

As a safety precaution, don’t try fixing your phone if you don’t have any knowledge and background in phone repairs. It is best that you call a help of reliable iPhone repair technician and let them check or fix the unit.