Teeth Whitening Treatment Options

Teeth whitening is one of the most commonly misunderstand topic. Sometimes people tend to easily jump to the wrong conclusion that it can destroy teeth, it is costly and can bring harm to mouth or gums. But, the reality is that teeth whitening treatment can be safe and risk-free if you choose to undergo at dental clinics or on any reliable cosmetic dental clinics.

Mainly, the two types of teeth whitening treatment are in surgery treatment and at home whitening treatment. Both approaches have advantages and disadvantages. In surgery treatment is the use of any bleaching agents, laser and light to speed up the activation of the whitening process. The only dentist or well-trained person can perform the treatment.

At home whitening treatment is the use of over the counter products such as whitening toothpaste, whitening pens, whitening trays, charcoal and much more. It can be cheaper, but has slower whitening results. It may take several months before the treatment can be visible, unlike the in surgery treatment that has the faster result.

Note: Not everyone can be qualified to undergo whitening treatment. Among those individual are pregnant women, people with false teeth, veneers and transplant or people with serious teeth and gum problems.  If you have any dental implant, you must know that teeth whitening will not work on it. It is because the treatment only works on natural teeth and lightens the color of enamel and dentin.

The laser teeth whitening is the best option for the fastest way to achieve clean white teeth. Your teeth can whiten up to 12 shades within an hour of treatment. At PureSmile Australia guarantees a treatment that is safe on sensitive gums, teeth, and mouth.